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Customized Software Development

Simplifi Solution's product management and software development processes meet ISO-9001:2000. We use up-to-date software development tools, the latest project management techniques and software engineering practices, thus meeting the many IT challenges of our customers.

Project Startup

In Simplifi Solutions, a project is initiated when the contract is signed by the customer. From this point, the responsibility of the project will be taken fully by the assigned project manager, who normally was the one prepared the proposal for this particular customer in the earlier stage. The beginning of a project lays the groundwork for the rest of the project. The purpose of this phase is to set the framework for the project, which involves:


One of the less visible, but nonetheless important aspects of a good software engineering process is the requirement documentation and verification. The only way to ensure that a system satisfies its requirements is to develop and apply a mechanism to track requirement compliance from system inception through final delivery and system maintenance.


Analysis & Design

The first output of the design and development phase is a design doc related for software. The design content is to give all related to internal constituents a clear description of how the features described in the prescription will accomplish the desired tasks.
The designed document template should clearly convey the key of elements, the proposed system to both the technical expert developers and the module planer. A biggest project essential requires a prime design and a descried design. Finish design includes identification of Process Activities/Steps.

Implement, Test, Complete

Implementation is to use the design document it was easy to get development any application. It is an internal core process workflow in the software-engineering process, whose purpose is to implement and model test of the code.

When we design that phase, the exact work of the actual project is manage to produce the application deliverables according to the select solution and design it will ready for testing team to take test about complete your requirement.

Our deep knowledge and acceptance of industry to leading quality practices based product to make it ISO standard and CMS models is allows us to deliver extra quality and best service with utmost cost efficiency.