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Pay Per Click Management

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PPC Services: Focus On Advertising

PPC services have always been around but they are more popular now than ever, no matter what sector your business operates in your competitors might already be using PPC services to boost their Site-Traffic. PPC effectively focus on giving you value for your money in the form of web traffic through advertisements run on third-party websites by an intermediary. Google Ad Words has emerged as the major PPC service provider due to the relative popularity of their search engine which leads to a wider outreach.

Google Ad Words delivers quick results if you manage your bids, Keyword Relevance and your landing page quality to setup an effective Ad-Campaign. PPC Services will increase your traffic volume but the conversion-rate depends on how effective the content on your landing page is to retain user attention. PPC Services rely heavily on the efficiency of your bids and keyword quality; your keywords need to be relevant, exhaustive and expansive so that your ads reach your target demographic as well as potential fringe demographics to deliver maximum results.

Simplifi Solution have exhaustive experience in handling Google Ad Words campaigns namely through a cost-efficient bidding process and integrating these campaigns with relevant content and call to actions on your website to maximise your CTR(Click-through Rate) and reducing Bounce Rates to zero. We have a history of running efficient and cost-effective PPC services in Bhopal and Indore and our experience in handling Ad Words campaigns in Bhopal and Indore has been a huge contributing factor to our success. We also have seasoned experts who analyse Google Analytics services to successfully remodel your campaign depending on your requirements at any given time. Our extensive experience in these areas makes us the perfect partner to manage and model your ad-campaigns and integrating it with your content to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.