Why Use Barcode

Putting a barcode on an item and products it gives your brand name signature on your brand means it can easily be tracked and counted. Usually this is part of an automation process. The automation bit ensures that the data from the barcode is captured quickly and accurately allowing a business to be more efficient.

And it’s not just the lifecycle of the retail product that is tracked, if you have a loyalty card then that has a scan-able barcode. Did you know your loyalty card makes you into the equivalent of a product with all your shopping history stored in a computer somewhere?

There is of course more to barcodes than your weekly supermarket shopping. In my job where I mostly work with companies who have warehouses or manufacture goods I tend to see more non-retail standard barcodes.

Around the warehouse/ shopping store to manage complete stock and other employee management. these are found on; delivery notes, warehouse schedules, identifying plates, and storage racking as well packaging labels. They can be engraved, printed as part of packaging, printed directly on the item or printed onto labels which are then stuck on the item, packaging or pallet. I’ve found that in the industry I work with most businesses prefer to use printed labels as this allows them flexibility on the time of application and the location of the label.

Advantages to use barcode

Easy to manage stock.
Barcodes eliminate the possibility of human error.
Using a barcode system reduces employee training time.
Barcodes are inexpensive to design and print.
Inventory control improves.
Barcodes provide better data.
Data obtained through barcodes is available rapidly.
Barcodes promote better decision making.


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